Monday, September 5, 2011

Episode, the Eighteenth

Nick has been traveling to nerd heaven while Candice has been eating at cardiac heaven. Hear a recap of the deep fried goodness Candice ate while Nick recaps his time at FanExpo on this new episode. The jury is still out on who had the better weekend, discuss.

After a quick tease of the bonusodes to come that Nick recorded at FanExpo we move on to our first webseries of the night, Meet the Mayfarers, which is straight up weird, and that's a good thing! It's incestuous and occasionally completely wacky and everyone is sleeping with everyone else. And sometimes they do it in turkey costumes. Mmmmm, turkey.

Then we move on to Infamous the Series, or wait maybe it's Infamous Web Series. What? Two shows with the same name? This is confusing. Which one was Nick talking about when he suggested watching Infamous?

Way back in Episode, the Eleventh we reviewed The Game Rev and they let us know about another project their producers worked on called Infamous the Series. Meanwhile Nick has been traveling to conventions and meeting people all across North America and met John Chambers of Infamous Web Series while at GenCon.

Turns out Infamous Web Series was the show Nick meant for us to watch, but after hearing a brief description of Infamous the Series he's decided we may come back to that one and do a proper review.

And once again Nick and Candice are divided on whether each show is good. Listen here, or right click to save. You can also subscribe to Limited Release on iTunes and take a second while downloading to leave us a review!

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