Sunday, May 8, 2011

Episode the Eleventh

We were starting to think this episode would never happen! Due to extreme real life deadlines we were forced to record a week later than our regular release date. And due to extreme real life deadlines finally being met and passed we were forced to do nothing for the last two days, really nothing.

Those of you who subscribe to our podcast on iTunes will know that we released our newest episode on Wednesday, but we (being Candice) are just getting around to this post today!

So, welcome back everyone.

Our return episode, after 4 weeks since last sitting in front of the microphones, is reminiscent of our pilot episode. What is it that we do here again?

In this one we talk about two gaming shows, The Online Gamer and The Game Rev. Similar topics, but you can't find two more different shows.

The Online Gamer, created by Reckless Tortuga, is about an angry FPS game player who essentially takes his gamer tag and acts as that person offline as well as online. Not the type of person you want to meet in real life!

The Game Rev is about a bunch of stereotypical gamer nerds working for an online gaming magazine dealing with changes in management when a new editor in chief joins their team.

As per usual, Nick and Candice disagree on which show is better. At least some things haven't changed.

We were also joined in our booth by American History X Bert.

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