Friday, September 16, 2011

Bonusode - "Dead Genesis" Reese Eveneshen & Peter Szabo @ FanExpo 2011

Man, that Reese. Good friend of mine he is. Funny guy. He kills me everytime we see each other., for real. He literally KILLS me every single time we cross paths. He smiles, waves hello and then stabs me. Or guts me. Sometimes he gets fancy and slits my throat. At least in a mocking-gesture kind of way.

Nevertheless, normally this kind of behaviour would be alarming, but if you ever met the guy you would understand perfectly. A good way to get a glimpse of his twisted world would be to watch his latest flick, the zombie-apocalypse horror "Dead Genesis".

Reese has been making movies for years, most of them of the horror variety. Now I don't mean just "keep-you-up-at-night" horror. More like "ah-so-THIS-is-what-it-feels-like-to-have-my-mind-fucked" horror. Hm, actually feels tingly.

The story breaks down like this: the zombie invasion has already happened. Didn't see that coming, did ya? What, did you sleep through it? Yup, the world has become overrun with the walking dead and humanity has been reduced to small factions of soldiers who continue to fight the "War on Dead". Jillian Hurst is our attractive heroine (yay!), a documentarian who joins up with a group of zombie-hunters called the Deadheads. Capturing their interviews and activities on camera for a propaganda film, she witnesses the brutality of the war through their eyes.

And blood! Oh, a-and guts! And eating children! And lots and lots of zombies biting, tearing, clawing, ripping, maiming, groaning...!

Oops, drooled a bit on the keyboard there.

Dragged him and the producer, Peter Szabo, away from the booth to ask them more about the movie and what the future holds for it. FYI, about 4 minutes in Reese and I started getting into a sarcasm-battle. I kinda kicked it off by implying that he was new to the horror genre. This was a blatant lie, but neither of us wanted to give in to the other so it kind of just kept rolling. This guy fucking lives in the horror genre. Eats brains for breakfast.

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