Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Episode, the Sixteenth

Remember us? We used to do a show where we watched and reviewed web series... now we do a show where we chat chit for 20 minutes and spend 8 minutes reviewing web series.

Nick tries valiantly to carry the episode while Candice is struggling with a sharp jabbing pain over the left eye and the need to spew.

We start off by covering Polaris 25 which happened recently in Toronto (July 16th - 18th) and spend a fair amount of time talking about the folks at Sexy Nerd Girl and their multimedia, or transmedia, story development. Hopefully it won't be long till we can cover this show officially.

Also represented at Polaris was upcoming web series Pretty in Geek, previously covered by us Tights and Fights and one of the shows we review in this episode, Standard Action.

Nick makes a brief mention of his moment of stardom on stage during the Constellation Awards.

Eventually we make it to the reason we have gathered. Standard Action and Blood and Bone China. The little amount we spend discussing the shows in no way represents how much we enjoyed them.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Episode the Fifteenth

Welcome to Episode the Fifteenth where we spend more time talking about shows we didn't watch and review than we do talking about the two we watched, Six Figures Tv and Girl Number 9.

After a frustrating attempt at finding a series to watch Nick lays down the law and throws a challenge to web series creators everywhere in this episode. And wow, did he have a lot to say!

Our recording was delayed by a week since one of the three members of this team was constantly away from the rest for about a week and a half. This didn't make us any more prepared to record however since the task of choosing a show to review seemed to be the most difficult thing Nick did all week, and Candice watched the show she chose three weeks before and couldn't even remember what it was!

So, help us out, how do you decide which web series you want to watch? And how can you help Nick in his search for the next great show about zombie cheerleaders (or whatever obscure genre he chooses for next episode)?

Eventually we come around to the shows we watched and find Six Figures TV to be a refreshing take on six friends in LA trying to make it in the entertainment industry.

Girl Number 9 however proved difficult to like since we couldn't watch it! Their website makes all their videos private. Anybody find a way to watch this program, cause it does sound like a good one. Candice luvs star Gareth-David Lloyd and Nick has a sick fascination with serial killers so we really want to give this show a good look.

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