Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ruby Skye P.I. Redux

Despite Nick's deep seeded childhood traumas leading him to over identify too much with Ruby Skye P.I., I really loved this charming tween mystery show.

I am excited and celebrating with them all of their LA Web Fest wins! See the press release for a complete list of wins. However I do still wonder what an "Interactive Narrative Comedy Series" is. I would have put their show in the mystery genre, or the kids or tween genre.

Also have a listen to our newest episode, The Ninth, to hear some further statements from Nick about his overreaction to Ruby Skye P.I.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Episode, the Ninth

Nick takes the mic tonight to tell us his views on interactive web advertisements, the definition of web series, if our audio engineer should join us on the podcast, and more. Eventually he lets Candice join the conversation.

In our newest, jam packed episode we review Gold The Series and Night of the Zombie King, both created by David Nett, and also both available at the same website! We are very busy people, one less click means a lot.

But before that Nick mentions this article written by J. Warren "What is a Web Series?" Some great points are brought up. We want to talk about it, so please share your opinions with us.

But wait, that's not all! We also have a brief addendum to our heated debate about Ruby Skye P.I. You'll have to listen to find out what else Nick needs to say about what so far has seemed to be his least favourite show.

That's still not everything! We saved the best for last and make a revisit to CELL: The Web Series now that Nick has watched the final episodes of this award winning show.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Congratulations to some of our favourite shows!

The Second Annual Los Angeles Web Fest happened this past weekend and it appears they really liked all the shows they aired! And a number that we have reviewed and loved here at Limited Release.

Some of our favourite shows, including The Virgin Mattress, CELL: The Web Series, Out with Dad, Ruby Skye P.I. and Night of the Zombie King (reviewed in our upcoming episode) were all awarded Sunday night.

The accolades were many including Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a number of genres, Outstanding Writing, Cinematography, Directing and a number of awards for score.

There are too many awards to list them all, but our brethren across the pond, Those Video Guys, have done a good job of posting them all on their site.

Have a look and discover many new web series!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Episode, the Eighth

Ah, sweet darkness of night, how we missed you. Never again will we record during the day, and I think you'll be able to tell the difference in this week's episode. Step inside our cushy womb and join us!

In my search for something new, something yet undiscovered (in my books), I scoured the internet for a noteworthy documentary web series. Ironically, my search ended with another man's own search. Jean Baptiste is chronicling his manhunt for a con artist who took him with sob story. This becomes the story for Where is Gary?, a documentary series with a look into the game of con artists.

Then the gloves come off. My co-host suggested something lighter this time around, Ruby Skye P.I., the self-described "comedy web series for tweens" (that should say enough about it). It should be pointed out that in the conceptual days of this podcast, the two of us discovered that when discussing movies, tv shows, anything really, we disagreed...a bullshit, a LOT. Constantly. Loudly. And to our friends' astounded amusement usually. Sometimes it would get ugly. This is a taste of that ugly. Enjoy!

Listen to Episode, the Eight here or download it here.

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Update: Since the recording of this episode of Limited Release, Candice and I have resolved our differences. We are currently working on strengthening our friendship and look forward to many peaceful, sensible discussions on independent entertainment for years to come.
...nah, total bullshit. We continue to irritate the crap out of each other.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Episode, the Seventh

This episode is as different from the rest as day is from night. Mostly because we had to record during daytime hours like normal human beings, unlike the usual vampire-like schedule we tend to keep. We've got sunshine, loud neighbours' music and cookies! Never again though, we'll try to do it in the evening from now on.

We bask in the aftermath of the great awards, not THAT one. The 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards went down this past Monday, with shows like Out with Dad and Pretty each going home (coming home?) with a win. Before they were famous, they were first on LR. Coincidence? By the way, the advantage to an awards show being focused on web series rather than Hollywood is that there's less importance placed on what everybody's wearing and more on, you know, the talent.

Speaking of the show, we're now available on iTunes. So you Apple tarts out there can easily pick up the latest episodes, toss 'em on your iPod and thereby take us wherever you go in your pocket. Creepy, eh?

A while back we noted a film-turned-web series, No Clean Break, which could be a sign that even Hollywood's future lies in web series. With big names like David Carradine and Michael Madsen attached, we take a look at how the production is making the jump from small screen to...smaller screen.

Next up on the block, something with a little more scramble to the egg: Cell. A bit of a mind-bender to a somewhat familiar story, it finds its character waking up caged, confused and held prisoner by a madman. But who hasn't had a Saturday night go that route, am I right?...Right?

Now that we're on iTunes, we are in need of a logo. A singular image to sum up our thousand words, so to speak. If you feel artistically-inclined, you too could achieve infamy like we have through LR. At the very least, give us your suggestions so we could can use them as input for the design. Or include a sultry photo of yourself in lingerie. All are good suggestions.

Listen to Episode, the Seventh here or download it here

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