Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bonusode - Rob Hunt @ FanExpo '11

LR was at FanExpo the other weekend. And so were many, many other people worth talking to. So let this be the first of a few bonusodes to come.

Monty was able to run around and chat with a good handful of web series creators while in Toronto. The convention did a good job of making the web-filmmaking community feel welcome amongst the nerd hordes.

Rob Hunt (director of Standard Action) was found wandering the exhibitor's booths, so he was stopped and questioned exhaustively. He gave up news on the supposed season finale of SA premiering that weekend at the Expo and the future of Edda, Fernando and their adventuring party's...adventures.

Listen to the bonusode here or check it out on iTunes - Now with 85% less Jobs!

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