Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Episode, The Second

Who came up with this crazy naming scheme anyway?

So here's our third episode, titled the second. Believe me, we start confusing ourselves a little in this one.

This episode debuts our new theme song, written and performed by our sound dude, Aaron Soch. It's fun and gets us a little chipper right from the get go.

In this episode we talk about Pretty the Series, The Louise Log and Nick's cigar voice.

There is no singing of any theme songs in this episode, but purchase Gumdrop the Unicorn, from Pretty the Series, yourself and know what we are talking about!

Do you have a favourite web series? Let us know so we can watch it and hopefuly it will be our favourite too! Email us at

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We've hit three episodes, we see the fame and glory coming just around the corner.

Listen here, or download here.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Episode, The First

We catch our stride in this one and loosen up. In fact so loose that one host, Candice can hardly keep her stuff together and could use a laugh track to fill in the empty spots where she was silently laughing.

Expect lots of curse words and crude humour this week. We review webseries Vag Magazine, and Nick assures you if you click the link you will not end up where you hoped you would. Then to tip the balances we have a look at Canadian produced Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.

We tried our title out for the first time in this episode, and looked into the future and tried to see our email address. We are not psychics it seems since our email address is and not what we announce in this episode. Lesson learned, never commit anything to recording until you know!

Send us your feedback, suggest some shows or movies to watch. Check out our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. We promise that by the new year we'll really have lots to say.

Thanks as usual go to our audio engineer Aaron Soch.

Listen to the episode here.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Web Series Wednesday

Thanks to everyone who has already downloaded and listened to our first episode, which we numbered episode zero, cause we are like that.

We've already gotten great feedback on the first episode. It's keeping us motivated to record more!

Expect a new episode next week, on Wednesday. It was accidental, but it turns out we released our first episode on #webserieswednesday and we think it's fitting to keep going.  From now on we will make it sound like it was always our plan! Play along, kay?