Thursday, September 15, 2011

Episode, the Nineteenth

Welcome once again, you dozens of tens!

Limited Release - Now surfing the interwebs while we record for you. Behind the times a wee bit, aren't we? Who knew the internet could distract one from being productive?

This past weekend we attended the Simply Syndicated podcast meetup in Toronto. Candice went a little bit squee-crazy meeting some of the voice talents from Masters of None, Nerd Hurdles and a few others. Admittedly, these guys had some smooth voices. They had me at "hello", too. We also needed to represent Guelph and show face amongst the big boys.

When last we left you, we were recovering from what is clinically known as "review confusion". And it came from this riddle: what do you get when two completely separate series make the same, equal claim to infamy?

Infamous the Series
gets its chance this time around, but it's already off to a rough start with its lack of a website (we've commented on this in the past). This is a bit of a gem for us in that it is genuinely entertaining, has a couple of names attached here and there, and surprisingly is not as popular as it probably should be.

Remember when the world ended back in 2009? Everybody caught this weird skin rash and guys in hazmat suits invaded and started carrying people away? In case you don't, The Apocalypse Diaries can help you recall those good times. Refreshing to see the "post" removed from "post-apocalyptic" story for once. It uses a webcam setup, but that may be forgivable if you get to the episodes that involve audience submissions.

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P.S. While we're off the topic, if George Lucas is going to continue changing the krayt dragon noise from Star Wars IV over and over, Monty wants to nominate this as the next sound byte used. Tell me that wouldn't be hilarious and unexpected.


  1. INFAMOUS does have a website. After 60 Frames went defunct, we couldn't control the website we had built anymore, so we launched a new

    Check it out! :)

  2. Thanks for the link, Pharaba!

    Sucks to hear about the trouble with the site, but good to see it got right back up again.