Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Episode, The Fourth

Previously on Limited Release...Tights and Fights, The Louise Log, Pretty The Series. That's right folks, it's a recap episode! Download at the page, listen here.

We take a look back at some of the series we've already reviewed to catch up on missed episodes. We also share some feedback we've received.

Anne Flournoy of the Louise Log responded to Nick's on air request for the missing episodes. The makers of Pretty the Series make wild accusations about Nick's sexual preference. Sure it's all true but how do they know? And Scott from Tights and Fights gives us a review of our show!

Now that we are back from our holidays our shows are going to be released much closer to the recording date, which makes it easier for us to make announcements! Like...

Log on to Twitter and follow Tights and Fights next twitter battle on January 22nd, and don't miss Pretty the Series second season finale on January 24th.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fellow Web Series Fans Indie Intertube Celebrates 1st Year

Way over on the other side of the continent a bunch of media junkies got together a year ago to start a podcast, Indie Intertube, reviewing web series! Even though they stole our idea through time travel trickery we still enjoy their show and congratulate them on a full year of broadcasting!

To celebrate their first year they are giving away awards! The nomination announcement was on January 2nd. You can watch it live at here or at their website. They've nominated some great shows and we've put a lot of them on our to watch lists.

They are also doing an Audience Choice award, so if your favourite web series has been nominated be sure to give them a few votes. You can go back every 1/2 hour!

Congrats ladies on 1 year in business!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Episode, The Third

What happens when you put three Canadian superhero fans in a room together? We talk about Canadian superhero web series. Listen or download now!

But first we introduce our special guest host, Vamp from Complete Geek Radio, aka Lovina. Since we bring her up in each episode we thought we should give her a chance to defend herself!

This time around we watched a couple of homegrown, made in Canada, web series, Heroes of the North and Tights and Fights.

We also spend a considerable amount of time breaking our own rule and talking Hollywood gossip.

Merry Fucking Christmas and Welcome to 2011, Bitches!

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