Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Episode, The Twelth

Welcome to the debauchery! We start off with a bang... poor Bert.

And poor Jason... he had to follow our introduction!

We try something new tonight and have a phone interview with Out With Dad's Jason Leaver. We love his show and reviewed it in Episode the Sixth. He's here to talk about the plans for Season 2 which has been in production for about a month, and will launch on July 7th. We also discuss their release schedule for Season 2, which was cleverly announced with this video.

We wrap up our experimental episode with a bit of news from the web series world. Blip TV has just launched their new site, and we've already found new series to review in the future. Pretty The Series is actively campaigning for a season 3. And Nick is now actively campaigning along with the creators of Microwave Porn for a XXX-rated version of their series.

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Also, check out our new logo, designed by Synn Studios intern Chris Feres, which we will be incorporating into the website...soon.

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