Friday, February 18, 2011

Episode, The Sixth

In our newest episode Nick has challenged all of our listeners to let us know what you think he looks like. Yes, we all come to the same conclusion that he has never looked at our page here. Let's not tell him his photo is readily available, let's just entertain him and describe him below in the comments.

We share some feedback this week from our listeners. We want to share more, so please let us know what you think. Comment below, tweet us @lmtdrelease , join our Facebook page and our discussions, or email us at Despite Candice's comments, while we appreciate comments by text, please don't make it a habit, go online and tell the world.! Yeah, we're talking to you Kris, Scott and Nathaniel!

This episode we cover a couple of sex positive shows. One about making porn movies and one about a young teenage girl dealing with coming out of the closet to her friends and family.

Blue Movies, while being based on the set of porn films, is surprisingly funny and not nearly as pornographic as you would think! Amazing use of non-nudity in this one.

Big winner of the week, however, and it seems of our entire show so far, is Out With Dad. Hear us, both masculine and feminine, get melodramatic about this teen centred show.

Also, take a quick peek at the shows nominated in the 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards. Some of our favourites, including Out With Dad and Pretty the Series are up for some awards. Congrats to all the web series creators, cast and crew, and good luck!

Stream Episode, The Sixth here, or download it here!

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