Thursday, April 14, 2011

Episode, the Tenth

We made it! 10 episodes! Can you believe it? And not a drop of blood has been shed between us yet.

Without consultation Nick announces the Great Beard Contest of 2011. You, yes You, can have Nick's beard. What are you willing to do to get it? Make some offers and if we think yours is best Nick will shave beard exposing his cheeks to the world, while giving you the remains of his facial hair. Let's see if his power is in his beard.

In the meantime we share some feedback and try our best to stay serious for a moment. It doesn't last long.

The first series we watched this time around is Microwave Porn put out by the awesomely named production company, Cancel Proof. This series was suggested to us by Out With Dad creator and writer Jason Leaver, in response to Nick's cry for more shows with excellent theme songs. And this one delivered more than just a theme song.

Not only that, it reminded us of YouTube videos and porn related internet memes of yore!

We then move on to 00:24 The Series, a spoof of 24 the television series. Does the web need this type of series? Who knows, but we watch it anyway!

Before letting you all go Nick lets us know that one of our favourite shows, Pretty the Series, has released an audio commentary on one of their episodes. Let's all go watch it so we can talk about it next time.

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