Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Episode, the Seventeenth

Let's talk about relevancy, baby!

Our audio engineer, Soch, hath returned from his much-needed vacation and therefore Candice and Monty have returned to the web-air.

Monty has been off traveling to several conventions. getting opportunities to meet some beautiful webseries folk, like David Nett (Gold the Series, Night of the Zombie King) and Mike Fly & Simon Fraser (Sexy Nerd Girl), not to mention Valerie Lapomme herself.

While Candice has joined up with a girl gamers guild, including former LR guest Lovina Yavari. What a suh-weet job!

One series that has been on our radar since the very beginning (way back, like a whole 2/3 of a year ago almost!) has finally made it into one of our episodes, Vampire Mob. Just fresh into its 2nd season, the mockumentary-style vampire crime drama has been very determined in delivering itself to the world.

About this time, it's important to note that a debate has been sparked in this episode which has not been settled (like anything does between the two of us) but is bound to resurface for many episodes to come. For extra reading material on the subject (i.e. ETEWAF), I refer our listeners to the following article by Patton Oswalt over on Wired Magazine.

The debate in question was brought on by our review of the fantasy-comedy JourneyQuest by Dead Gentlemen Productions. They were kind enough to give us a DVD copy of the entire 1st season when we ran into them at GenCon in Indiana!

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