Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bonisode - GenCon '11

Limited Release was at GenCon in Indiana a couple of weekends ago. Monty met up with a couple of filmmakers, Chris and Anne Lukeman of Kill Vampire Lincoln Productions. They had a couple copies of their latest short film they were there to promote, Once Upon a Time in 1972, which had THE most stylishly cool packaging! (check it out on the right)

They must have fallen for Monty's ruggedly-handsome looks and Robert Goulet-like voice, because they followed him all the way to Wizard World in Chicago last weekend. Almost the entire weekend went by before we got a chance to sit down and chat officially, but even at the tail end of the con they were still full of energy and willing to spare a few minutes for LR.

Listen to the interview here or download through iTunes. Check out their website for the trailer of Once Upon a Time in 1972 and see some of their awesome merch available. They've got KVL brandy sniffers, people! These are some classy, stylish bitches!

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