Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Episode, the Seventh

This episode is as different from the rest as day is from night. Mostly because we had to record during daytime hours like normal human beings, unlike the usual vampire-like schedule we tend to keep. We've got sunshine, loud neighbours' music and cookies! Never again though, we'll try to do it in the evening from now on.

We bask in the aftermath of the great awards, not THAT one. The 2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards went down this past Monday, with shows like Out with Dad and Pretty each going home (coming home?) with a win. Before they were famous, they were first on LR. Coincidence? By the way, the advantage to an awards show being focused on web series rather than Hollywood is that there's less importance placed on what everybody's wearing and more on, you know, the talent.

Speaking of the show, we're now available on iTunes. So you Apple tarts out there can easily pick up the latest episodes, toss 'em on your iPod and thereby take us wherever you go in your pocket. Creepy, eh?

A while back we noted a film-turned-web series, No Clean Break, which could be a sign that even Hollywood's future lies in web series. With big names like David Carradine and Michael Madsen attached, we take a look at how the production is making the jump from small screen to...smaller screen.

Next up on the block, something with a little more scramble to the egg: Cell. A bit of a mind-bender to a somewhat familiar story, it finds its character waking up caged, confused and held prisoner by a madman. But who hasn't had a Saturday night go that route, am I right?...Right?

Now that we're on iTunes, we are in need of a logo. A singular image to sum up our thousand words, so to speak. If you feel artistically-inclined, you too could achieve infamy like we have through LR. At the very least, give us your suggestions so we could can use them as input for the design. Or include a sultry photo of yourself in lingerie. All are good suggestions.

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  1. Wow! Which one of us wrote this blog post? Why is my brand of comedy more self effacing where Nick's is more outward? I guess I can't complain when he picks up my slack...

  2. nice! I can be the photographer!