Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Episode, the Ninth

Nick takes the mic tonight to tell us his views on interactive web advertisements, the definition of web series, if our audio engineer should join us on the podcast, and more. Eventually he lets Candice join the conversation.

In our newest, jam packed episode we review Gold The Series and Night of the Zombie King, both created by David Nett, and also both available at the same website! We are very busy people, one less click means a lot.

But before that Nick mentions this article written by J. Warren "What is a Web Series?" Some great points are brought up. We want to talk about it, so please share your opinions with us.

But wait, that's not all! We also have a brief addendum to our heated debate about Ruby Skye P.I. You'll have to listen to find out what else Nick needs to say about what so far has seemed to be his least favourite show.

That's still not everything! We saved the best for last and make a revisit to CELL: The Web Series now that Nick has watched the final episodes of this award winning show.

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  1. Folks - thanks so much for the review! Frankly, I think the space can use a lot more thoughtful criticism like this. I especially love that even when you like something you talk about what didn't work - that's how we learn. I really appreciate that. I also like that you revisit shows you've previously discussed - it's a nice touch.

    A few answers to what I'm sure were rhetorical questions:

    1) Jacob Carver's "All We Were Asking" is the closing credits theme for GOLD. Jake's an amazing Seattle musician with a couple of great albums, and a friend since childhood. GOLD trivia: Jake was my first AD&D Dungeon Master - he brought me into the game.

    2) NOTZK is one of those shows with different closing credits music for each episode - six great songs in all. Tho the opening credits music (by Rob Gokee) is always the same.

    3) Everything in that NOTZK garage belongs to someone in the cast or crew, and I think everyone brought at least something small. We are all nerds through and through.

    4) The NOTZK credits (by Andrew Deutsch) have been up for a few awards.

    5) Richard=beard. Jon=underwear.

    6) Big, awkward guys in their underwear is always funny. Always. That said, you'll see a lot less of Jon's junk in Season 2 ;-)

    Last: I think you're right about the mini-series vs. season cliffhanger format. Especially with ultra-low-budget indie stuff like we're doing, when you have no idea when (or if) you'll be able to make a second season, I think the mini-series is a more satisfying format. Story resolution is important. Everything we're working on right now is either a mini-series or makes certain to resolve a major story arc in the first season - that way, even if a second installment is not possible, there's the satisfaction of story resolution.

    We learned a great deal making GOLD, and applied all of that knowledge to NOTZK. I think that shows. I hope it does. We learned even more making NOTZK. While GOLD S2 will remain, as with S1, a sort of campy sports-themed soap-opera for nerds, we'll apply everything we learned from GOLD 1 and NOTZK to its creation. It's important to us that we improve with everything we make, always striving for greater quality. Especially for independent artists who are not getting (substantially) paid, I feel like if you're not learning lessons and getting better, what's the point? There will always be failures and bumps in the road, but they should happen in pursuit of ever greater quality, IMO.

    Anyway, thanks again. It's a great show (and not just because you say my name often). And, Monty: welcome to the RPG nerd world. We're happy to have you.


  2. Wow, thanks for the great comment! Possibly better than our episode.

    I'm glad to hear you feel we do offer some criticism. Sometimes I feel like we are just squeeing about our favourite shows and I don't want to be that person.

    And not to worry, none of our questions are rhetorical, we just never expect to have them answered! But we've been very lucky and pleased that creators have contacted us with more info.

    One more thing, Richard=awesome, Jon=whiny. They should spend more time together and rub off on each other (not meant nearly as dirty as it sounds)... (though it seems they already share everything anyway).

  3. I think it's natural to want to talk about shows you like (after all, you'e not getting paid), but you guys both point out shortcomings as well, even in shows you really like (Cell is a good example). That kind of criticism is the most valuable. If you hate the show and you point out all the shortcomings, I have to think: maybe it's not worth addressing the issues. Maybe the show's just not for you. Maybe the criticism is good and right on the nose, but I wonder.

    But if you like the show, then I know that your criticism comes from a place of genuinely wanting to make it better. Since I genuinely want to make it better, too, now we're collaborators. That's the best way to be.