Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Episode, the Fifth

Nick's heart gets stomped on and crushed and before we even start talking about this week's series! He is now taking bids on both his friendship and his heart. Someone please help him out because co-host Candice is cold and just not buying.

We start this episode by chatting about a short film Nick found by a company from British Columbia, Growing Up Julianne.

Moving on to web series we talk The Virgin Mattress a fun little series that lead to a discussion about the how of watching web series.

There are two types of web series watchers, the ones who watch each new episode as they are released and the ones who wait until a bunch of episodes have been released and watch them all in a row. Which are you?

Then we move on to Tyranny a stylistic show with a sci-fi conspiracy. This one really drew the line in the sand. The first show we really didn't agree on. Who loved it and who hated it? Listen and find out. And let us know what you think of the show!

We also discuss the how of storytelling for web series. Web series is a very new medium and people are still testing out how to tell a serialized story over a long time, in short bursts. Watch out, we start dissecting in this episode.

Let us know, how do you watch your web series? And where do you watch them, on their home pages, on YouTube, on web tv networks? We want to know.

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Listen here to episode the Fifth, or download it here.

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  1. I love you podcast! Once you should do a video-cast too. Or maybe your own webseries :)