Monday, September 26, 2011

Bonusode - Heroes of the North Pt. 2

She flirts like a butterfly and stings like a bee!

In a quick follow-up to Monty's interview with Heroes of the North series creator Christian Viel, he pressed a bit to get one of the characters featured at their Fan Expo booth aside to spill some words.

The lovely Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (who plays the villainess Hornet on the show) was dressed in full costume and stealing some glances from male and female con-goers alike. Had to find an image to attach, because otherwise it just wouldn't be fair to our listeners.

The show has been developing into a sort of G.I. Joe meets the Avengers, with a Canadian spin, of course. This season started out with the origins of each of the superheros, and now has brought in their rogues gallery. Including the lovely Hornet, who works for Medusa Industries, where all the bad shit goes down.

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If you like what you hear about the show, watch the episodes over at their website and you can also listen to our review of their show way back in Episode, the Third.

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