Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Episode, The Fourteenth

So a week ago we recorded a new episode. Then Nick did his part and converted it and uploaded it to our Libsyn account. And then he left town for work and I shirked my responsibility.

Here's the deal, we watched a couple shows, we didn't love them, we talked about them, listen to us here or right click and save to your computer.

We checked out Throwing Stones and Gasland and weren't very impressed with either. Which is too bad cause they both have a lot of potential.

We also talk about the lack of good or even any horror webseries. There seems to be myriad comedy shows (whether actually funny or not) and a fair amount of dramas, but we've come across very few horror series.

And behold, our compatriots over at Those Video Guys see the same trend and offered their opinion on the topic on their live episode today.

Let's pretend I purposely didn't post our new episode till today so that I could include their episode as well ;-)

Reach us in the usual ways to tell us you love this episode, or if you really enjoyed these two shows, or if you have any suggestions of awesome horror webseries.

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